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Social Talk on Estate Planning (3 Jul)
Social Talk on Estate Planning (3 Jul)
03 July, 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Virtual Talk Via Zoom

Are you wondering what factors to consider when drafting your will? Are your family members concerned about how you will
distribute your assets when you have passed on?
How would you ensure that your wealth is being protected and distributed accordingly to your wishes?
Come, join us at our Estate and Succession Planning talk! In this work- shop, we will discuss matters that are close to the heart as well as the
legitimacy of crafting your will.
Topics of Discussion
- What are the factors to consider when distributing my assets?
- How do I take care of my aging parents?
- How to ensure that my children of tender age are protected if both of us are not
- How to prevent my money from being squandered away and not being used
accordingly to my last wishes?
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