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Covid-19 Positive Cases Update - 11 October 2021

A total of 14 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19. Five are from the Esplanade Kitchen, four from Poolside Cafe Kitchen, one from Poolside Cafe, three from Security and one is from our fruit machine facility. All of the affected staff are sent to Community Care Facilities or quarantined at home. Seven out of the 14 staff will end their Quarantine Orders by the middle of this week. 


One of the Poolside Kitchen staff who tested positive last week has been discharged after a negative test result.


Most of the affected staff are now at their recovery stage and will only return to the Clubhouse when they have tested negative via the Antigen Rapid Test (ART). 


In order to minimise the exposure between the affected staff and staff who are considered as close contacts, the Esplanade Kitchen is closed until further notice. 


A temporary menu with a shorter list of items has been introduced at Poolside Cafe. All the staff who are stationed for service at B@Campo and Poolside Cafe have tested negative through ART. 


For staff who are able to work from home, they are working from home by default but still contactable via email. 


We have prioritised the weekly testing for all staff in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both our members and staff. The ART testing will take place every week for all operational staff and the results of their ART tests are recorded as well. The situation is under control as we have minimised staff movement in the Club. 


We thank all members who have contacted the Club to express their concerns for the affected staff and for your understanding during this period.


c.a.a. 11 October 2021