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The Padang

A Historic Icon

The Padang is one of the most iconic destinations in Singapore, bounded by the stately architecture of the historic Civic District and the soaring developments along Marina Bay.

The Padang was the site of the first Singapore Lawn Tennis Championships (1875), Jubilee Day (1887) and Malaysia Day {1963). Today it continues to feature in significant events such as Singapore's National Day Parade and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

A Prized Venue

Prized for its historic significance, its convenient central location and the beauty of the surrounding architecture and parks, the Padang continues to attract bookings for premier sporting events, community events, and entertainment and recreation activities.

Facilities at the Padang include:
  • Soccer field {Full-size; 126.1 m x 71.2m)
  • Cricket pitch (23.9m x 16.5m)
  • Two lawn tennis courts (39.9m x 37.1 m)
  • Multi-purpose court (37.2m x 18.7m)