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Moving Towards Paperless Communications (Repost)
03 June 2022

As a Club, we are moving towards paperless communications.


What does this mean for you?

Notices and the SRC Magazine which are normally sent by post to locally residing members will only be available on our website with effect from 20 May 2022. The last printed copy of the SRC Magazine is the May/June 2022 issue.


Registration for events and activities are also going paperless. Members can register by scanning QR codes and links found in our material.


Email Lists

1. Principal Member Email List (Ordinary, Lady, Corporate and Term)

2. Family Lady Email List


If you have opted out of receiving our newsletters before, please sign up again using the above links.


Other Information Platforms

1. Telegram channel

2. Facebook

3. Instagram



Your feedback is important to us and we encourage you to submit it at our website or send it directly our Management team.